Bobo 1999 & Pavle 2014

My interest for dogs of the Dobermann breed started in 1985, when I saw a picture in one magazine of, at that time, an extraordinary dog called Ido Issak v. Diaspora. It was love at first sight, which has been growing bigger and bigger all these years. The first Dobermann who came into my kennel “Black Novak” in 1994, was not of a pure breed, and therefore did not have much impact on my future breeds. Later on I got dogs of a more quality breed. Those were Megi and Archi with whom I achieved far serious breeding results. A great impact on breeding quality in my breeding farm had a bitch called Lena Sawages. So far my breeding farm had 10 sets of pure breed offspring, who can equally compete with other dogs at any world exhibitions/competitions. At the same time those offspring constantly improve its breed leaving behind better and better descendants who will proudly represent their breed.

"A powerful and strong dog with a lot of style. His dark eyes and nice expression gives him the look of an eagle. His head- strong and long with deep muzzle - his body and his human brain make it one of a kind." Mrs. Sonja David von Franquemont-Freudenberg, v. Franckenhorst Kennel